Ad War Update

The Romney campaign runs against crony capitalism:

Politico fact-checks:

Romney’s campaign takes liberties: lumping in facts with conjecture, citing job losses without mentioning that many of them occurred in Europe and Asia and vaguely charging that somebody’s “friends and family” wound up with taxpayers’ money. Rather than being failures, some of the projects mentioned in the ad have actually been purchased by major energy companies. Of course, the ads’ main facts about Solyndra aren’t in dispute: The California solar manufacturer did indeed get a $535 million DOE loan guarantee and subsequently go bankrupt. 

American Crossroads echoes Romney's attack that targets "public equity President Obama": 

As the presumptive GOP nominee cozies up to Donald Trump in Las Vegas, the Obama camp invokes nostalgia for their previous opponent's leadership – and relative restraint: 

Alex Burns weighs the strategies: 

Romney's trying to discredit Obama as a steward of the economy. Obama's trying to discredit Romney as a strong leader. It's a familiar pattern. … The message in the Romney video isn't a new one for Republicans to be delivering, but some of the details — risky investments, large-scale layoffs — sound a little different in the context of Democratic attacks on Romney's time in private equity. Returning fire by going after Solyndra (and similar companies) could be where Romney's Bain pushback goes next.

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