Business Cards For Dating


Eric Horowitz defends the idea:

[T]he popularity of the cards is a reminder that dating is an area where people really want improvements in comfort and efficiency. Our cars work well. Our TVs are in a definition that’s of sufficient height. But a lot of people are unhappy with the quality of their romantic life. That’s one reason why online dating continues to grow. And it will continue to grow because being in a romantic relationship is a big deal, and the current "market" created by social conventions is not coming close to maximizing efficiency.

We're right back to "calling cards". Abby Schreiber spoke with David Coppini, owner of the "Call Me Maybe" card seen above:

The craziest thing is that I didn't have anything to do with it because it was a present.  One of my best friends gave me 150 business cards on Friday because it was my birthday — he made them on Vistaprint. … My friend made the mistake of posting the card on Buzzfeed with my phone number on it.  My phone is dead. I've been getting 20/30 calls per hour. I don't even know how many, it never stops.