Trump Doubles Down

Romney supporter and fundraiser Donald Trump proudly displays his birtherism:

David Graham wonders what the hell Romney is thinking. Allahpundit bets it won't matter:

Tolerating Trump lets Romney show the most ardent anti-Obamaites that he’s willing to “take it to The One,” even if it makes the Steve Schmidts of the world cry big salty tears. Meanwhile, everyone else rolls their eyes or shrugs. 

Jamelle Bouie looks beyond the horserace:

In what world can Romney acquiesce to obvious charlatans like Trump, but stand up to congressional Republicans once in office? As president, he’ll still have political considerations, and the pressure to adopt the line of right-wing Republicans is far greater than the pressure to stand with Trump.

Peter Foster's two cents:

The impression, like when Romney failed to protect his openly gay national security adviser earlier in the campaign, is of a candidate cowering before his hardline base.

All I can say is that Romney's embrace of Trump and passive letting go of Grenell are signs of personal weakness, not strength.