Frum Hyper-Ventilates

From the tone of his piece, you might imagine someone had really committed a "gaffe". A gaffe is when someone says what they actually believe and it embarrasses them. No, this was quite obviously a speechwriter's fault, or "an ignorant error," as David concedes. And yet when you read his piece, it is brimming with outrage, spluttering, and vituperation, as if some deliberate harm had been wantonly done. No one "slaps" someone "in the face" by accident. Look: I can understand why Poles are deeply upset about this. But it was a mistake, it seems to me, an error of cultural insensitivity – in a bid to honor someone – not a deliberate act of animus, for goodness' sake. Blowing it up into the greatest insult ever committed by an American president is bizarre.