The Outrageous Acts Teens Don’t Commit

Andrew Sullivan —  May 30 2012 @ 8:46am

 Nick Gillespie rounds up drug and sex panics involving teenagers. Among them:

In 2007, the Sheriff's Office of Collier County, Florida perpetrated one of the most ridiculous frauds in the annals of police work when it reported that kids were getting turned on by a "new drug called 'Jenkem,'" which was made from fermented urine and feces. Sure, kids today are into do-it-yourself culture, but given that real drugs are reportedly easier to score than ever, who exactly would be into what the cops averred was known by slang terms such as "butthash" and "fruit from crack pipe"?

Along the same lines, news outlets are still claiming that teens are getting drunk off of vodka-soaked tampons, despite the extraordinary lengths Danielle Crittenden went to in debunking the urban legend.