The Politics Of Eurovision

Andrew Sullivan —  May 30 2012 @ 9:15am

The Hathosinducing song competition just concluded. Fareed Zakaria reads into it:

[T]he fascinating thing about Eurovision is not the performances or the music. It's the politics and public psychology. Here at GPS, we plotted the capital cities of the winning countries from the past two decades on a longitudinal graph – yeah, that's the kind of thing we do in our spare time. We found that in the 1990s, the winners tended to be from Western Europe – Dublin or London. But by the late 2000s, the winners mostly came from the East – Moscow and Kiev. Europe's center of gravity is clearly moving East. And these voters have interesting tendencies. In 2003, Britain got exactly zero votes – that was the year the Blair government supported the war in Iraq.

Hayley Sweetland Edwards profiles this year's host (and last year's winner), Azerbaijan. The above video, Rambo Amadeus (Montenegro)'s performance from this year's contest, is on Lois Parshley's list of worst Eurovision songs.