The Power Of A President’s Words, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  May 30 2012 @ 10:38am

A different situation than coming out for marriage equality: eliding the distinction between "Polish death camps" and "Nazi death camps in Poland". Obviously no harm was intended by the president. But the prime minister reveals the depth of the feelings involved:

Donald Tusk underlined that when one uses the phrase "Polish death camps", it's as if “there had been no Nazis, no German responsibility, no Hitler". - That is why this reaction was instigated not so much by national pride, but by our sensitivity to such situations. The truth about the Second World War is important and must also be important for other nations - he added.

I have to say the explosive reaction to the terminology – despite the fact that Obama was honoring an anti-Nazi Pole – blindsided me. No doubt there will be a formal apology. But ginning this up into some kind of campaign attack seems silly to me. Which means Romney will probably try to exploit it.