Treating Male Celebs Like Women, Ctd

Readers continue a thread from last week:

Well, they're not exactly celebs, but a made-for-gay-men, uncensored Andrew Christian underwear vid has been making the rounds in a very female space and it's been received with open arms and wide open eyes. From one standpoint, this female ogling certainly delves into fetishistic behavior, but on the other hand, that's clearly the aim of all of these videos from AC – there are about ten more on their website – all VERY NSFW!

Like you, I tend to think that people who put themselves out there via sexualized videos and performances or professions kind of reap what they sow. Where it crosses the line is when the public persona is accosted in private without permission, which is never okay, whether male or female. I'm not going to argue about who has it worse, men or women, though. I'm too busy being a hypocrite and enjoying the eye candy.

Another writes:

I have advice for your reader who complains about being objectified: Wait.

Pretty soon, nature will take its course and no one will notice you. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Honestly, I have quite a short fuse when beautiful people complain about how burdensome their beauty is. First of all, they should count their bloody blessings, since most of us are hideous. And second, they should treasure their beauty, since it won't stick around very long.

Meanwhile, over at the Good Men Project, editor-in-chief Noah Brand bares all – literally:

My body is a testament to high testosterone. I have a body type one sees a lot: male pattern baldness, plenty of body hair, builds both muscle and fat very easily. You see guys like me all the time, with our wide shoulders and wider beer guts. Burly sonsabitches, often rocking the shaved-head-and-beard combo. It is not, it’s fair to say, a body type that is highly lauded by media culture. I didn’t always look like this. When I was a teenager, I was so skinny I won awards for dressing as Jack Skellington, which sounds like a joke and isn’t. When I was twenty, I dressed as Nightwing for a costume contest, and the woman MCing the show called me "the reason spandex was invented." That was a long time ago. Nowadays, I’m technically considered obese.

His NSFW gallery here.