When Dudes Have Eating Disorders

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 1 2012 @ 4:57pm


Pivoting off of the D'Angelo story we highlighted, Stefan BC opens up about his own eating disorder:

Whether you call it something cute like "manorexia" or clinical like "Body Dysmorphic Disorder" the fact of matter remains that there is an underreported and frankly misunderstood perception of what it is like being a man and suffering from what is quite obviously a severe mental health problem. Too often we as a society are quick to label eating disorders or a pre-occupation with one’s appearance as a wholly female problem, allowing our ingrained sexism to dismiss such issues as weaknesses when they are exhibited by men. It was this sort of shitty double standard that at least contributed to me never seeking treatment or even confining the depths of what I was experiencing until I finally “confessed” as much to Molly (the person who would later become my wife).

(Photo: US boxer Timothy Bradley shows his abs before a media workout at Fortune Gym on May 29, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. By Joe Klamar/Getty.)