Emails Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 4 2012 @ 1:00pm

A technical snafu screwed up our Typepad and RSS feed for a while earlier this morning (fixed now). But it gave us these two priceless reactions from the same reader. At 9.10 am:

So it seems The Dish has moved to the dark side and is only publishing snippets in the RSS feed. Usually this move is about ad revenue. Can't you just embed ads in the RSS feed, rather than making a slow bloated web page the only viewing option? 

This is a sad day. Well, it was great reading you all these years. I guess I'll be more productive now…

And a few minutes ago:

Damn. I thought I was going to suddenly emerge as the dark horse wiz kid at my company. Back to mediocre productivity for me …

The Dish: doing our best to lower work productivity since 2000.