The Future Of Seeing

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 4 2012 @ 8:02am

Screen shot 2012-05-29 at 11.13.21 PM

Robin Sloan contrasts the photo of Mark Zuckerberg's wedding (1,556,546 likes) with a photo taken while Sebastian Thrun wore Google Glass goggles:

It’s a POV shot taken hands-free: Thrun’s son Jasper, just as Thrun saw him. Thrun also demonstrated Glass on Charlie Rose and it’s worth watching the first five minutes there just to see (a) exactly how weird the glasses look, and(b) exactly how wonderful the interaction seems. This isn’t about sharing pictures. This is about sharing your vision. …

Imagine actors and athletes doing what they do today on Twitter—sharing their adventures from a first-person POV—except doing it with Glass. It’s pretty exciting, actually, and if the glasses look criminally dorky, well, we didn’t expect to find ourselves walking the world staring down into skinny little black boxes, either. So the titanic showdown between Facebook and Google might not be the News Feed vs. Google+ after all. It might be Facebook Camera vs. Project Glass. It might, in fact, be pictures vs. vision.