Journey Into The Heart Of Dishness

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 6 2012 @ 1:32pm

From time to time the Dish likes to acknowledge some of the more colorful critics from the in-tray. Two of our all-time favorites were featured here and here. A new fave to emerge this year gets especially animated over the Dish's occasional use of vulgarity and our regular use of brackets when we adumbrate quotes from other bloggers. A representative sample:

"Complete shit" sounds different to American ears.  It's just wrong. And "fucking" is tavern brawler to our ears. Have a heart. Parents want their eleven year olds to read Newsweek but are forced to decide otherwise and come off unfairly as blue nose censors.  Please think it over.

Anyway, Clinton isn't a complete shit.  Perry is a complete shit.


Why do you use brackets? Nobody else does, it's a horrible f]ucking affectation. [Y]es, Mr. Sullivan, a F]UCKING FUJUCKING AFFECTATION! Fuck Fuck stop using B]RACKETS!  They are dis]tracting. Fuck! 

More than a dozen emails focused on brackets. Another:

"[C]ar mandates and broccoli mandates".  Looks like Cjar.  [F]uck you.  Fjuck you.  Nobody else does uses brackets and nobody else says reax.  NOBODY. or gobsmack.  Brits have a tin ear. 


What in FUCK is Ctd!?  

It is annoying and affected to use expressions or abbreviations nobody but a few know. I "googled" it and there are hundreds of translations. Stop using it. It's not real. Maybe it's British, like innit.


Using VFYW for View from your window?  Don't kid yourself. Nobody is such an avid fan they accept that as worthy of a fucking acronym.


"Money quote"? A porno reference to money shot.  Stop being repulsive and gross.


Jock-sniffing? Restaurant pooping? You're getting repulsive again.


Pictures of condoms, what THE FUCK is wrong with your MIND. FUCK YOU!

One more:

Stop with all these arcane, insider-meaning bull fuck crap words nobody likes or uses except you, like hathos and reax. And why is the Sagan video called a mashup, and what is a mashup? I swear nobody else kept on using those non words, only you. Also the JIZZ pants post was back to your gross self you were improving on. Be nice, don't be graphic and gross. Be what we expect from Newsweek.

That's it for now.

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