The View From Your Window Contest, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 6 2012 @ 3:41pm


A reader writes:

A couple of days ago Frum had a story about the slowing India economy. Your latest contest made me think that slowdown may be premature. I too looked at your contest photo and thought instantly it was India. But about 10 seconds later I discounted that when I saw the construction crane at the top left.  I did a stint over there setting up a call center in 2007 and took the attached photo from my office there. I watched every bit of steel and cement carried up 8 floors by hand by an army of workers who lived on site with their families in those shacks.  The photo was taken about 11 miles due east of contest's, in Viman Nagar, on the other side of Pune. Nowhere I travelled in India that year did I see a crane on any high rise development.

Another writes:

Oh. My. Goodness. I am kicking myself. I have spent almost my entire life in Pune before coming to the US and I'm a rabid VFYW fan.

Previously, I used to spend many hours trying to figure out window contests and even wrote an explicative-filled rant on how futile it is to spend hours searching for the window location (which you posted). I stopped cold turkey many, many months ago when I realised I was plain awful at guessing, and not well traveled at all. Since then, I have only observed the results and have not spent any time working on guessing the locations. 

This week's contest OFCOURSE screamed 154_5412Pune – the dry, dusty landscape, the thorny trees, small maruti cars, the buildings and specially the hills in the background. I smiled nostalgically and thought "Ya right, Pune. Ha ha. It's probably in Africa like the Dar es Salaam window which looked like Pune". Recently, I even missed the Atlanta window, where I now live.  Sigh.

On a trip home to Bombay-Pune during Christmas, I was off the Dish for six weeks, but was reminded of it here, there and everywhere. I laughed out loud when I realised my backpack was called "Trig". Funny videos were always filed away as mental health breaks, and I was clicking views from my window where ever I went. Tons of them.

Above is one such photo we found in the Dish archives, labeled "Marietta, Georgia, 10.47 am, May 11, 2008". We didn't post it back then because we have a strict policy against views featuring animals, especially non-dogs. But consider this a consolation prize, dear reader.