Did Money Decide Wisconsin?


Seth Masket doubts it:

What this election gave us is a rare and precious thing: a gubernatorial rematch. Walker and Barrett faced each other less than two years ago. Walker beat Barrett by five points back then, after raising $11 million to Barrett's $6 million. That is, Walker raised 65% of the funds raised by the Republican and Democratic candidates that year and he won 53% of the two-party vote. This week, Walker raised about 88% of the funds raised by the two candidates and he won — wait for it — 54% of the two-party vote.

So there's your money effect, folks. Go from a 2:1 money advantage to a 7:1 money advantage, and it could increase your vote share by a full percentage point! Woo hoo!

Paul Waldman, commenting on chart above from Gavin Aronsen, defends outside money:

This was as nationalized as any state race can be. If a bunch of liberal billionaires had stepped up with an extra $26 million so Barrett could match Walker's money, would Barrett have said, "No, I'll only accept help from Wisconsin-based super PACs!" Of course not.