The Big Lies of Mitt Romney V: Obama Had A Super-Majority In Congress For Two Years, Ctd

A reader writes:

Good catch by your readers about Obama's seven-week supermajority.  But there's another thing that irked me about this – what did Obama do during those seven weeks?  He tried to get bipartisan consensus.  This was the time of the "Gang of 6" and the courting of Chuck Grassley.  He possibly could have tried to "ram things through", but to the obvious frustration of lefties chose to continue to seek bipartisan agreement.  For Romney and the Republicans to fault Obama for not being more partisan… I feel like this is a "Annals of Chutzpah" moment.

It is. There are various scenarios to do with Kennedy's and Byrd's health, along with the Kirk replacement, that could be argued with. And you can find small periods in which Obama had a fleeting supermajority in the Senate – but still sought bipartisan support. Just remember that Romney claimed a supermajority in both houses for two years. Just untrue. And he clearly doesn't care.