The Death Knell For Football?

Here's the moment when Big Football looks like Big Tobacco. It's 80 pending lawsuits brought together in one master complaint:

"The NFL, like the sport of boxing, was aware of the health risks associated with repetitive blows producing sub-concussive and concussive results and the fact that some members of the NFL player population were at significant risk of developing long-term brain damage and cognitive decline as a result," the complaint charges.

"Despite its knowledge and controlling role in governing player conduct on and off the field, the NFL turned a blind eye to the risk and failed to warn and/or impose safety regulations governing this well-recognized health and safety problem."

Once again, it's not the problem as such that will kill football first; it's the cover-up. If it can be proved that NFL officials knew of the dangers to players for years and did nothing to ameliorate or prevent it, indeed made more and more money off their bludgeoned human cattle, then all bets are off.