Poseur Alert

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 8 2012 @ 1:25pm

"YOU GUESSED IT: We switched to iPhone yesterday. Cold turkey; no training wheels; bye-bye BlackBerry; be a man; take the plunge; no dual devices. BlackBerry was amazing over several jobs and three presidents. We have had one for so long that we remember the days when people would say: “Your calculator is ringing.” (hat tip: Michael Kennedy). But BlackBerry stopped serving us: The last several models we tried would freeze all the time, held only a couple of photos, and were set for some foreign alphabet, producing odd automatic accent marks. (That’s why Bob Barnett still uses his ancient version, with the wheel.) More and more, folks regarded our trusty ’Berry with bemusement, condescension — even pity," – Mike Allen.

There are times when the royal "we" can work in terms of a rhetorical device in a column like Playbook. Not this time.