The Politicization Of Catholicism, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 8 2012 @ 12:19pm

A prominent Pennsylvania Democrat switches parties and endorses Romney because of the president's support for marriage equality. Fair enough. She's entitled to her views and her choice of party. But what worries me is this:

"As the Democratic Party has taken the stand for same-sex marriage, then I must make a stand on my faith that marriage is between a man and a woman. God's principles for life never change. His guidelines, given in Scripture, produce fruitful lives when you follow them," Nardelli said while making the announcement of her party switch in the Blair County Courthouse.

There is not even a pretense at a secular argument. More to the point:

Monsignor Anthony Little of St. Patrick's Parish in Newry was with Nardelli during her announcement. He said Nardelli consulted him before making her decision. He said what Nardelli did "takes a lot of courage."

So a priest advises a political candidate to switch parties and appears at her side in a public announcement of a partisan switch. Where does this end?