Ad War Update

The RNC pounces on Obama's royal verbal screw-up

In his latest Day One spot, Romney whitewashes his record as Massachusetts governor: 

Kornacki calls the spot a "textbook demonstration of how to make something out of nothing." Robert Farley fact-checks (for instance, "Romney increased government fees by hundreds of millions of dollars"): 

The Romney campaign bases its [jobs] claim on the fact that during Romney’s four years in office, Massachusetts added a net 49,100 jobs (an increase of about 1.5 percent). In the four years under Romney’s predecessor, Republican Jane Swift, the state added 19,000 jobs (an increase of 0.59 percent). In the next four years under Romney’s successor, Democrat Deval Patrick, Massachusetts lost a net 66,400 jobs (a decrease of 2.03 percent). But that ignores national employment trends that largely drive state employment. In particular, it ignores the national recessions both before and after Romney was in office. So how did Massachusetts do compared with other states? As the Obama campaign has repeatedly noted, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 states over the entirety of Romney’s four years as governor in terms of job creation. By comparison, Massachusetts ranked 37th in job growth under Swift, and it ranked 10th in Patrick’s first term. By that measure, Romney had the worst record in a decade.

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign zooms in on North Carolina: 

And the Obama campaign raises alarms about Romney's fundraising surge: 

Swing state spending update here

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