Are The Bain Attacks Effective?

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 11 2012 @ 3:41pm

There is some evidence that they are. Nate Cohn takes a closer look at the voters Obama is targeting:

In the six national polls, 5 percent of college educated whites were undecided compared to 9 percent of whites without a college degree. Romney’s road to victory starts with consolidating disaffected voters who do not approve of the President’s performance. Unsurprisingly then, the Obama campaign’s initial wave of advertising appears well-suited to disrupting those efforts.

Depicting Romney as a plutocratic corporate raider seems likely to resonate with working class voters, especially since many traditionally have voted for Democratic presidential candidates. On the other hand, most of these voters harbor deep reservations about Obama’s performance and probably voted for Republicans in the 2010 midterms. Romney’s main goal in the coming months will be to convince them to join his cause.