Quote For The Day

"Perhaps the only thing more intensely held than a person’s religious beliefs, be they strong or strongly disinterested, is a guy’s thoughts about his pecker. It is just about all we think about, though thankfully for one and all, the manifestations do vary. Given this, how completely and bizarrely ridiculous it is that men, millions and millions of men, that brutal tribe that spends all day thinking about it, worrying about it, protecting it, comparing it, agree to give up their foreskin and even that of their sons to the cold blade. That’s the point though—it is the ultimate leap of faith," – Kent Sepkowitz, an infectious-disease specialist, on the story of two children who died of herpes because a mohel with herpes sucked the blood off the the infant boys' dicks after mutilating them.

The Dish covered a similar case earlier this year.