Obama And The Future, Ctd

John Ellis is pretty close to where I am on the campaign Obama needs to wage. No, not scorched earth against Romney (though some Bain ads are legit). The following:

“Framed choice” is Team Obama’s only hope of holding enough white voters to avoid dismissal. The “framed choice” strategy is basically this: Everyone knows that pensions (Social Security) and health care (Medicare, Medicaid, child health programs) are going to bankrupt the nation unless they are “right-sized” to revenue and existing debt. Whoever is elected president in 2012 will have to “right-size” these programs over the course of the next four years.

The framed choice for the white voters who will decide this election is this: Who do you think will better protect the interests of working-class and middle-class families when the inevitable cuts are packaged? Who do you want negotiating for you when it comes down to who gets hurt and who doesn’t? Do you really want Mitt Romney and a bunch of right-wing congressmen making these decisions?

That's particularly true given the likelihood of a narrowly GOP Congress. Obama should say to voters what Clinton did: we all know we're going to have to sacrifice. Would you rather I was in the mix defending your economic security – or do you want to leave it all to Romney and Ryan? Do you really think we can tackle this debt without any contribution from the super-rich? If you do, vote Romney-Ryan.