David And Rebekah: “We’re In This Together!”

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 14 2012 @ 10:57am

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The grilling of prime minister David Cameron is going on as I type this. For live video, go here. So far, he seems to have avoided any incriminating evidence that he had any role in rigging Murdoch's bid for BSkyB. But by far the most interesting and damaging news is raw evidence of an intensely close relationship between Rebekah Brooks, the queen of phone-hacking, and Cameron, desperate for Murdoch's support before the last election. Lesson of the day – texts are dangerous:

Brooks's text, written the day before Cameron was due to address the Conservative conference, said: "I am so rooting for you tomorrow not just as proud friend but because professional we're definitely in this together!" Sent a week after the Sun had come out in support of the party, Brooks went on to encourage the political leader by saying: "Speech of your life? Yes he Cam!"

The prime minister said the common cause identified in the text referred to the fact his party and Brooks's newspapers had the same agenda. "I think what it means is that we were, as she put it, we were friends, but professionally we as leader of the Conservative party and her in newspapers, we were going to be pushing the same political agenda."

Brooks's text began by sympathizing with the prime minister over an unspecified "issue with the Times" – most likely a hostile article – and suggested that she could placate him over "country supper soon".

Jay asked if the country supper reference was "the sort of interaction you often had with her?" Curtly, the prime minister replied: "Yes, we were neighbours."

Cameron later said they hung out every six weeks or so.