The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 14 2012 @ 10:31pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew liveblogged Obama's Cleveland speech (with reader response here and follow-up here), implored the President to embrace immigration reform as a campaign issue, worried about Sheldon Adelson's "limitless" ability to influence the campaign, spotlighted a documentary about H.W. Bush (related stuff here), mocked Sally Quinn, then sorta defended her. We ran the numbers on the "blame Bush" tactic, favorably compared Obama's negative narrative about Romney to Romney's negative narrative about him, explained how little evidence there was that gaffes mattered, wondered when the GOP would come to its senses, broke down the reasons Obamacare wasn't a job killer, pointed out the inherent vagueness of Romney's health care plan, speculated as to why Democrats rarely vote for Mormon candidates, and put up some reader pushback against the "hypocritical left" on soda bans thesis (incidentally, the ban wouldn't work). Ad War Update here.

Andrew also reacted to the seeming coup in Egypt (views from around the Web on same here), found Bill Kristol calling for more war, and scrutinized David Cameron's ties to Rebekah Brooks. Libya prepared to vote, soldiers failed to understand Afghanistan, the African population had little room to grow, and Europocalypse loomed. Trailers received mixed reviews, a baseball catch wowed, video games felt like playing music, and Reddit solved the forever war. Internet culture mainstreamed, women powered the web, mobile was tough to monetize, and Southwest kept it simple. Ask Tina Brown Anything here, Quote for the Day here, Poseur Alert here, Yglesias Award Nominee here, Chart of the Day here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.

(Photo: By Jewel Samad/Getty Images.)