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Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 15 2012 @ 10:32pm

Friday on the Dish, Andrew defended his appreciation for Obama's Cleveland "reboot" yesterday, called Romney out on his absurd flip-flop in response to Obama's immigration move, rolled his eyes at the Daily Caller's heckler, situated Reagan far to the GOP's left, blanched at the sort of Christianist Romney is afraid to confront, and argued Obama's foreign policy requried a second term. We compiled reax to Obama's Cleveland speech and immigration directive, condensed the Dish's coverage of the former, found some pretty terrible GOP Hispanic outreach, predicted that assimilation would help the Republicans, broke down some outs for SCOTUS on health care, chided Rand Paul for endorsing Mitt's foreign policy, countered the idea that veep picks should be boring, analyzed Romney's language, and heard from Colbert on dressage. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also entertained hope for gay Mormons, studied Mormon views on divorce and marriage, and signalled his intent to respond to Greenwald and reader dissents on drones. We pinpointed the main front in the drone war, worried we were slouching toward an Iran war, speculated about Egypt's trajectory after yesterday's crisis, tracked ongoing anti-Putin protests in Russia, and highlighted a horrifying case of forced abortion in China. Gayness persisted as a consequence of evolutionary pressures on women, priests weren't going away in New York and children ran up the credit card bill. Facebook seemed well-positioned to make its own card, cops (not jailing) headed off crime, news didn't fuel papers, television aesthetics drew on white male sensibilities (and two shows), Wes Anderson provoked controversy, and barnacles had giant dongs.  Ask Tina Brown Anything here, Yglesias Award Nominee here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.

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Thursday on the Dish, Andrew liveblogged Obama's Cleveland speech (with reader response here and follow-up here), implored the President to embrace immigration reform as a campaign issue, worried about Sheldon Adelson's "limitless" ability to influence the campaign, spotlighted a documentary about H.W. Bush (related stuff here), mocked Sally Quinn, then sorta defended her. We ran the numbers on the "blame Bush" tactic, favorably compared Obama's negative narrative about Romney to Romney's negative narrative about him, explained how little evidence there was that gaffes mattered, wondered when the GOP would come to its senses, broke down the reasons Obamacare wasn't a job killer, pointed out the inherent vagueness of Romney's health care plan, speculated as to why Democrats rarely vote for Mormon candidates, and put up some reader pushback against the "hypocritical left" on soda bans thesis (incidentally, the ban wouldn't work). Ad War Update here.

Andrew also reacted to the seeming coup in Egypt (views from around the Web on same here), found Bill Kristol calling for more war, and scrutinized David Cameron's ties to Rebekah Brooks. Libya prepared to vote, soldiers failed to understand Afghanistan, the African population had little room to grow, and Europocalypse loomed. Trailers received mixed reviews, a baseball catch wowed, video games felt like playing music, and Reddit solved the forever war. Internet culture mainstreamed, women powered the web, mobile was tough to monetize, and Southwest kept it simple. Ask Tina Brown Anything here, Quote for the Day here, Poseur Alert here, Yglesias Award Nominee here, Chart of the Day here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.


Wednesday on the Dish, Andrew continued his debate with Greenwald on Obama's drone strikes, pinpointed double standards on Romney's Mormonism, predicted a race that would go down to the wire, and bet immigration reform wasn't dead. We set expectations for Obama's upcoming speech, explained why Romney could lie so blatantly, outlined a scenario by which Romney could outfox the GOP on taxes in 2013, and spotlighted Joe Scarborough's vote for Ron Paul. We also profiled the lives of America's poorest white citizens, picked up on an oddity in the left's approach to substances, and wondered about the impact of the web on Supreme Court jurisprudence. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also remade the social conservative case for marriage equality over civil unions, found more evidence that Piers Morgan knew all about phone hacking, pushed another argument for why opposing gay families was bigotry, tallied the thinning Catholic herd as a consequence of the Pope's theological rigidity, figured the young and secular would change America, and declared the Pet Shop Boys the soundtrack of his life. Prometheus awkwardly engaged with science and religion, soccer fixing spread, and Game of Thrones hid a controversial little Easter Egg. International law dangerously allowed fake drugs to proliferate, the War on Drugs hampered medical research, the common cold may have helped us, and kids in cities had more allergies. America needed to rethink "college," the military didn't know it all, ticketing good behavior lowered crime rates, interactive video became a possibility, social stories came full circle, and bets amused. Ask Tina Brown Anything here, Headline of the Day here, Chart of the Day here, Yglesias Alert Nominee here, Poseur Alert here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.


Newbury Park, California, 12 pm

Tuesday on the Dish, Andrew defended Obama's use of drones to target al-Qaeda leaders, declared his support for Obama rested principally on foreign policy grounds, and laid the blame for our economic problems squarely at Bush's feet. We uncovered America's hidden austerity, gave advice to the uninsured, listed the many ways Romney decieves, discovered that Romney's anti-gay sentiments caused him to veto an anti-bullying law, looked at evidence that the election would be all about turnout, debated whether America's disbelief in evolution mattered, and feared the consequences of the death of local news. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also explained how a study that would be used to damn marriage equality actually ended up praising it, found an instance of a GOP campaign outing the candidate's son, and found quasi-Victorian awkwardness about sex extended to the proclivities of penguins. The blogosphere exploded with views on the gay Mormon in a straight marriage and the NFL remained a closeted place. We continued discussion on America's most important allies, weighed a hypothetical about assassinating Assad, and imagined a nightmare future…that actually played out organically in a ten year long Civilization 2 game.

Finally, Andrew shared his scatological secret with the legion of emailers on poop psychology and reupped a joke about our insomnia post for the wakeful. We delved into the dark history of fairy tales, found an instance of product placement gone wrong, tracked the increasingly exclusive character of broadway, and learned about the first paparazzo. Tampons doubled as wilderness survival tools, your trash piled up, and humans reconstituted nature. White matter in the brain might not have caused more lying, Google Street View paved the way for driverless cars, and Google built a more meaningful search. Ask Tina Brown Anything here, Headline of the Day here, Hathos here, VFYW Contest Winner here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.

Monday on the Dish, Andrew wrapped his brain around the political implications of mass American evolution denial, explained why Obama's first-term accomplishments are quite dependent on a second, followed up on his Sunday essay, gaped at John Bolton's stunning nonsense (and Romney's embrace of same), and chuckled at Rick Perry getting booed by a right-wing audience. We bet the Bain attacks were working, surveyed the Paul-friendly right's reaction to Rand's Romney endorsement, noted the defeat of an AIPAC-friendly Congressman, and Democrats seemed unlikely to grow GOP-sized balls. We also wondered if the GOP was sabotaging the economy, speculated about the Democratic approach to the Bush tax cuts, distinguished between two kinds of economic uncertainty, winced at the horrible compensation given to food workers, and thought through a proposal for child tax credits.

Andrew also applauded the gay Mormon in a straight marriage, marked Pride Month in Israel, implored you to ask Sister Jeannine Gramick Anything, celebrated the new Pet Shop Boys album, and supported Robin Roberts' willingness to publicly discuss her health. Liars had different brains, lying happened under a variety of conditions, machines challenged conventional moral thinking, plants perceived more than we thought (but not more than the Romans did), and mosquitos slid through rain. We challenged the idea that Assad was falling, updated you on Paterno's role in the Sandusky trial, and sounded an alarm for global environmental catastrophe. Science explained trash talk, the wealthy dominated the internet, marriage became class-stratified, divorces were not created equal, Blackberry's creator fell apart, prisons surprised, and cool evolved. Ask Eli Lake Anything here, Quote for the Day here, Chart of the Day here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.