“Virtual Paralysis Induced By Fear of Political Blowback”

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 15 2012 @ 11:27am

The neocons – aided by lies and scare tactics – are winning the fight for war against Iran. Bob Wright analyzes how the Obama administration, in an election year, remains frozen and afraid of AIPAC:

A deal on 20-percent uranium would markedly increase the distance between Iran and a nuclear weapon–yet in Baghdad, P5+1 refused to offer Iran relief from even one of the many, many banking and oil sanctions already in place. It even refused to offer to delay–by even a few months!–the implementation of new European Community oil sanctions scheduled to kick in next month …

I'm all for getting Obama re-elected. But I don't share the now-reflexive assumption that the Israel lobby is an awesome force that renders resistance futile. (Only last week the vaunted AIPAC machine faltered, as a congressional candidate strongly opposed by AIPAC defeated the AIPAC-approved candidate.) And I refuse to believe that progressives can't find a way to reconcile real, tangible progress on the peace and security front with electoral success. In any event, what we're seeing now–a grim, uncreative, and slightly pathetic submission to the winds of war–is not what I expected from the man who got people chanting, "Yes, we can."