Man’s Best Safety Net?


A test program in San Francisco is offering panhandlers payment in exchange for socializing shelter dogs and promising to not solicit money:

Three kinds of dogs, [Rebecca Katz, director of Animal Care and Control] said, will be targeted for the effort: fearful ones that need more socialization time than shelter staff and volunteers can give them; "rowdy" ones that need to learn basic manners,  and puppies that cannot be adopted until they are old enough to spay or neuter. 

The Week rounds up details on the program. Heather Knight reports that a "similar program could be coming to the San Francisco county jails, too":

Rebecca Katz, director of Animal Care and Control, has been pushing the sheriff’s office to replicate a partnership between the Peninsula Humane Society and the San Mateo County Sheriff called Transitioning Animals into Loving Situation (yep, that’s TAILS). Does every program like this have to come with a cheesy acronym?

In San Mateo, jail inmates foster dogs deemed not adoptable because of behavior problems, and it’s apparently helped the inmates and the pups. Katz said former Sheriff Michael Hennessey was never wild about the idea, but that interim Sheriff Vicki Hennessy has been receptive. She and some staff members toured TAILS just recently.

(Photo by Flickr user Allspice1)