Mapping Choice In America


Richard Florida visualizes the geography of abortion:

Nearly nine in 10 (87 percent) of U.S. counties, home to more than one-third of women of reproductive age, lacked any abortion providers, according to a 2011 study. Nearly all non-metropolitan counties (97 percent), and roughly seven in 10 metropolitan counties lacked a provider. There are 26 states where 90 percent of counties lack an abortion provider.

Kay Steiger sighs:

States are continuing to pass more and more hurdles to abortion access, resulting in a situation in which women with means find abortion annoying and women without means find abortion impossible.

Take states which are increasingly creating multi-visit requirements for abortions. Such requirements are much more burdensome on women who work hourly jobs with inflexible leave policies. Each visit to the clinic requires finding child care, a replacement worker, a time off request from her boss, and transit. For poor women, these are not insignificant hurdles.

Meanwhile, the only abortion clinic in Mississippi may be forced to close due to new regulations.