The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 18 2012 @ 10:38pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew explained his evolution on universal health care (update clarifying the change in headlines about the WaPo here), defended Romney against the absurdity that is Wawagate, blasted Mitt's most recent statements on Iran, rolled his eyes at the "Romneyite" attempt to distract from their candidates' lack of substance by disengenuously calling Obama's immigration move lawless, objected to referring to the policy as "amnesty," and worried about Obama's refusal to give press conferences. We found Obama "more boring" than previously imagined (despite the awesome picture above), discovered that Gallup's polling was underestimating Obama's strength by undercounting minorities, tracked a surge in Hispanic support, cast doubt on the idea that coming out for pot legalization would help in the presidential race, found yet another GOP anti-gay move, and called Palin out on charges of crony capitalism. SCOTUS kept us all waiting for a health care ruling (pay attention on remaining June Mondays and Thursdays), killing the mandate but leaving the law had historically killed insurance providers, and abortion providers became increasingly harder to access. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also introduced Sister Jeannine Gramick (our Ask Anything guest this week), put up another returning soldier greeted by beagle, and noted some accidental hilarity in the anti-equality campaign. Greece dodged a Grexit for the time being, Egyptian democracy took a major hit, pot profits fuelled cartels, medical marijuana didn't cause crime, deportation budgets grew, images of war provoked some violent responses, and Americans loved themselves some Olympics. Americans opened with names, most countries gave grilling responsibilities to women, and the public sector required serious cash to operate. Billionaire philanthropists didn't have all the answers, inmates and the homeless helped dogs in need, intelligence failed to cure cognitive bias and (on one theory) helped principally with "evolutionary novel" problems, a penchant for Žižek attracted female poseurs, "good" TV was determined by white male standards, and you contained multitudes. Ask Sister Gramick Anything here, Quotes for the Day here and here, Creepy Ad here, Hathos Alert here, Chart of the Day here, VFYW here, MHB (with commentary from Andrew), here, and video FOTD here.