Waiting On SCOTUS

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 18 2012 @ 3:42pm

Late last week, Paul Werdel wondered how the GOP will respond to the upcoming healthcare ruling:


Jon Cohn runs down the Court's schedule on releasing the ruling:

Another Monday, another morning of waiting to see whether the Supreme Court will rule on health care reform. The justices still have several decisions to issue this term, including high-profile cases on immigration and broadcast standards of decency, so they may wait until next Monday. They might also release decisions this coming Thursday or perhaps next Thursday. In either case, they would announce beforehand that decisions are forthcoming on those days, at least if they keep to custom. (As far as I know, they will not simply release a decision without warning.).

Buzzfeed created a decision tree for various Obamacare rulings. Justice Ginsburg's slightly bitter quote about it all here.