A 33 Page Form To Change Your Address? Ctd

The media story of yesterday was MSNBC's Fox-like editing of a clip to distort the meaning and emphasis of Romney's comparison between the public and the private sector. The real story was whether his claim that an optometrist had to fill out a 33 page federal government form twice to change his address was in any way true. Mediaite finds the form to be two pages long, and four if you include instructions.

Sounds pretty reasonable to me. So Romney wings it once again.

For me the only interesting thing here is that Romney starts out with an ideological proposition and only then finds facts or anecdotes to back it up. When made aware that the facts are not facts, he simply moves on to another story. The press needs to press him on this now, before we enter a Palinite truthy universe once again.

Update from a reader:

Also note that the 2 (or 4 page) form that Mediate found is actually created by a contractor working for the New York State's Medicaid program.  So this "horribly complicated bureaucratic form" was actually created by a private company working under contract for a state. How does this exemplify President Obama's regulatory tyranny?