How Open Is Obama With The Press?

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 19 2012 @ 1:55pm

Readers debate the question:

I think holding frequent press conferences would be a waste of time.  What has changed profoundly since Kennedy’s time is the press.  If you watch those old tapes, true Kennedy is charming, but it’s hard not to be with such a fawning press corp.  Today much of that group would look at every encounter with the President (any president) as an opportunity for “gotcha” moments.  Bush 41 tried to do more informal conferences and that’s exactly what happened – and things have gotten a lot worse since then.  The amount of time to prepare and the careful way he’d need to answer each question would be distracting and kind of pointless. 

Another writes:

Your reader is ignoring the fact that when Obama initially tried to engage the press, going on talk shows and news shows alike, he was criticized for being a “celebrity.” It was said that he should spend less time on TV and more time in the Oval Office. Even with his supporters it is almost impossible for Obama to win.

(Video: An AP report on Obama’s open forum with Republicans in Baltimore in January 2010)