Yglesias Award Nominee

"The U.S. will share that popular opprobrium if it appears to connive in this military coup. Obama would be better advised to tell the generals, in no uncertain terms, that they need to take a step back from the political arena. The military should still have a role to play but only as a guarantor of the election process. As long as a Brotherhood government must face voters in the future, popular sentiment will act as a check on its illiberal tendencies. The days of military rule have long passed in Egypt. The military just doesn’t know it yet," – Max Boot.

Boot gets extra points for the following sentence:

I do not envy President Obama having to figure out how to respond.

Isn't it refreshing that a Republican, instead of constantly pouncing, actually accepts that these foreign policy decisions are often very very hard compromises between competing goals. But I agree with Max more generaly. Sure, the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood forming Egypt's government are real. But I see far more danger in the US backing the generals and aligning against the Arab Spring's indispensable country.