A Southern Conservative For Marriage Equality


The reader who submitted the moving MHB for Monday follows up:

Just wanted to thank you for posting the vid of my momma singing Puccini. She's tickled pink that she's gotten almost 8,000 views! I also wanted to pass on a bitter irony about the wedding party: I'm from North Carolina, where obviously the gays just got bitchslapped with Amendment One – so this party couldn't have taken place there. Well, it could have (gays can have a party wherever they want, obviously), but it wouldn't have had the legitimacy it does in New York State. Thankfully, we live in Brooklyn, so mom, whose non-procreative marriage she was also celebrating (she was officially on her honeymoon), flew up and sang at her son's gay wedding party in NYC. Really poetic.

Also, mom is extremely religious, a lifelong Republican, and is deeply deeply suspicious of Obama. I went through hell trying to get her to listen to reason during the '08 election, debunking every Obama myth that emerged from the right-wing fever swamp listservs on a daily basis (God bless Snopes). And she still voted for McCain-Palin. (She proudly voted against Amendment One, though!)

So your clarifying comments at the end of the post about Romney and same-sex marriage were an extra-special wedding gift to me. Muchos arigatos for that!

Update from another reader:

Thank you for posting that video. It made this married Mom of two cry over breakfast. The song choice made me both smile and respect this awesome Republican Mom even more. The aria is from the 1 act Opera Gianni Schicchi by Puccini. The aria is a plea by the daughter of the outsider Schicchi to marry the local Rinuccio. She begs her father to let her marry Rinuccio, otherwise she will kill herself – in essence, I beg you to let me marry whom I want. I believe the choice of this aria to sing at her gay son's wedding was not a coincidence.

(Photo: Our reader and his momma with their husbands)