Ad War Update

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 20 2012 @ 6:45pm

The RNC tries to change the subject with Latinos (Spanish version here):

The Obama campaign hits Romney on taxes: 

And outsourcing:

Alex Burns has more

Both commercials show clips of Romney making promises during his campaign as governor — that he would cut taxes and create jobs — that the Obama camp says he later broke. One ad targets a raft of revenue-raising fees that Romney increased. The other slams him as a “corporate raider” who’s fond of outsourcing work. … The dual attacks represent a challenge to Romney’s national brand as a small-government businessman who knows how to create jobs, and each of them is a blunter, more straightforward hit than, say, the one Obama’s campaign has delivered on Bain Capital.

The Koch-funded group Americans for Prosperity issues its own "doing fine" hit, part of a $5.5 million campaign: 

Matt Taylor notices a pattern: 

This follows Romney's Super PAC Restore Our Future putting out an ad with the Obama private sector gaffe yesterday. Though these outside groups can't take official marching orders from the campaigns, they're essentially acting as megaphones, picking up on the same lines of attack as the official TV spots approved by Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and ensuring more voters are exposed to them.

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