For Andrew From Larry

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 20 2012 @ 12:31pm

A reader writes:

"There's one moment in it when you forget and forgive all of Larry Kramer's occasional excesses"

Fuck you "excesses". How do you think you make people listen? And try to keep them listening. For all those years! I learned that lesson very early. Be excessive, be a pain in the ass, dont give a shit what anyone thinks. That's why we were a success and you weren't with all your intellectual politesse. 1,112 And Counting went all over the world. And I was out there with my excesses before you ever opened your mouth. And dont you ever forget it. And while we're at it, perhaps you could be so kind to run this fantastic Washington Post review about my excesses.

It is a spectacular production and I hope you see it and publicize it. Re: David France's documentary. What it doesn't say is what happened to ACT-UP because of TAG. Staley, Harrington, Barr, et al destroyed it. The greatest single thing the gay world has ever birthed was destroyed by its very own. It was not nearly so rosy as France portrays it and which you appear to have bought into hook line and sinker.

Love and kisses

Larry Excessive (and believe me I dont want your forgiveness).

He's still very much alive, isn't he? And yes, go see "The Normal Heart," especially if you are under 35. Larry is a hero, I should add, an infuriating, polarizing but indispensable hero. For all the reasons he cites. But intellectual argument is also part of a civil rights movement. And the emergence of TAG really helped us get better, swifter drug trials and more accurate information. I don't believe it killed ACT-UP. I think it supplemented it. Which is to say: this isn't a zero-sum game. But for Larry, everything almost always is.