The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 21 2012 @ 11:12pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew addressed the question of the cultish qualities of Mormonism (a reader's thoughts here), revisited his 1992 essay on the AIDS quilt, and celebrated the photography of Alon Reininger. Readers weighed in on Democratic strategy, Republicans shunned important empirical truths, and the GOP overhyped young, under-qualified leaders. Jonah Goldberg issued a virtual endorsement of marriage equality, Sister Gramick tackled the HHS mandate, and 45 couples competed for free IVF. Obama is the boring choice, at this rate he'll be outspent 3-1, and November turnout will likely underwhelm. Readers filled us in on dressage, commented on the ultra-Orthodox Jewish warning, and the 33-page change-of-address form debate grew more complicated

We debated the radicalism of Brave, discussed the challenge of "writing the rich," and hashed the Jonah Lehrer self-plagiarism contretemps. Sorkin imitated the "sound" of intelligence, honeybees mastered risk, the Palins embraced a desperate fate, and the media lamented the smallness of the media. Fossil fuel subsidies around the world remained firmly in tact, technology exerted moral power, and McDonald's styled food from scratch. We wondered if it was possible to have it all as a parent and professional, and a congressman confronted DEA absurdity on marijuana. When it comes to FCC regulations, SCOTUS is more comfortable with violence than it is with bad language, capitalism has inherent limits, and low-skill immigration boosts the economy. 

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