The Pioneering Work Of Alon Reininger

I feel terrible that I did not credit the photo of the patient with AIDS in a hospital smock with KS lesions on his face. I looked for one, couldn't find it, and assumed it was an amateur shot. Far from it. It won the World Press Photo Of The Year. Here's an appreciation of the photo, which is, indeed, remarkable:

The work of Alon Reininger had a significant impact humanizing AIDS with the first images published of American patients in Life magazine in 1986. You can see here several videos with an interview of Alon Reininger describing the documentation of people suffering AIDS. This image (winner of the Word Press Photo award in 1986) was selected by Photo District News magazine as one of the most important images of photojournalism in the period 1980-2000. American Photo magazine selected Alon Reininger as one of the underrated masters of photography.

By the way, the man, Ken Meeks, died three days after the photo was taken. My personal apologies – and gratitude for the work – to Mr Reininger. More of Reininger's work at Contact Press here.