Romney And Roosevelt

Here's a pretty good question: which American politician in 1932 ran for office on the following policies?

"Immediate and drastic reductions of all public expenditures," "abolishing useless commissions and offices, consolidating departments and bureaus, and eliminating extravagances" and a "sound currency to be maintained at all hazards."

Yep that was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I note the Tea Party rhetoric simply because Mitt's math still doesn't even come close to adding up. How do you get a huge defense spending increase, big new cuts in tax rates, and still move toward balancing the budget? The only way is to remove all middle-class tax deductions (yay!) and end Medicare as we have known it (semi-yay!). But without explicitly campaigning on those issues, and winning over Democrats on them, there's no way that Romney will have the political authority to make such profound and profoundly unpopular changes in office. Especially when his party adopted such scorched earth policies against his predecessor, Obama. Which is why it seems extremely likely to me that spending and debt would rise significantly under Romney, as it did under Bush Jr and Reagan.

And that will suit Romney just fine. If Keynesianism keeps him in power, that's what we'll get. He has no principles that one can see but the advancement of his own power and that of his church. And the means for Keynesian revival will be the only public spending that escapes the far right's ire: the war budget. He'll cut taxes and pour huge resources into greater and greater levels of military engagement abroad, starting with a third Republican war against a third Muslim nation, Iran. It's like Reaganism, but without the Soviets. Ahmadinejad will have to do.

And that is why it will appeal to this deranged party, and they will, if the debt explodes under a Republican again, turn a blind eye yet again. For them it is always 1983. In fact, it must always be 1983. Because they have no other policies but those tried in 1983. Including the core element of fiscal fraudulence.