Obama’s Creepy Emails And Ads, Ctd

Former Dish guest-blogger Walter Kirn belatedly comes to my defense in a delightful screed against those excruciatingly personal campaign emails and the lottery invites for dinner with celebrities that come with them. And it's not just the Obama camp:

Tagg Romney sent me a note the other morning that opened with an encomium to fatherhood, the holiest of conservative institutions next to the debt and equity markets themselves ("Dad taught us a lot of lessons, including the importance of having fun as a family, but the most important lesson he imparted to us was the joy in helping others"), and closed with an invitation to wager five bucks on a chance to rub shoulders with his "Papa," a famously tight-fisted, high-stakes gambler who’d never take such lousy odds himself, not even if tickets were a penny a pop. The deal stirred doubts in me about Tagg’s upbringing as well as contempt for his estimation of mine.

Along the same lines, the new Obama event registry troubles William Nomikos.