The Lonely Plight Of The Gay Republican, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 26 2012 @ 11:34am

Dan Savage, in defending his controversial tweet about GOProud’s endorsement of Romney last week, reminds us where the Republican standard-bearer stands:

Romney, of course, opposes marriage equality. Romney supports DOMA. Romney has pledged to write anti-gay bigotry into the U.S. Constitution. Romney opposed the repeal of DADT. Romney opposes the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Romney opposes adoptions by same-sex couples.

Chris Geidner reports on how divided GOProud’s seven-member board was; two gay members voted against the endorsement and one straight member abstained. All I’d like to point out is that we are discussing the views of seven people in a living room. By even mentioning this tiny cadre, we give them far more importance or interest than they even faintly deserve. They’re the Bill Donohue of the gays: a few angry guys with a Twitter feed, signifying nothing.

Previous commentary on gay Romney backers here. More gay in-fighting here.

(Video: Matt Hissey, a gay member of GOProud, speaks out at last year’s CPAC.)