Decoding SCOTUS

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 27 2012 @ 8:09pm

Lyle Denniston, who will be closely watching tomorrow's decision, warns that the ruling may be opaque at first:

Leaving aside the ill-informed guessing and the petty blaming, there is still an actual decision to be made, and it may not be very easy — at first glance on Thursday – to tell just what the Court has decided.  No one outside the Court knows, for example, whether there will be one opinion that controls the multiple outcomes, or multiple opinions and mixed voting patterns, potentially complicating the result.

Ed Kilgore nods:

I’m probably not the only one thinking back to the strange night when Bush v. Gorewas handed down, and—with the exception of Judy Woodruff—most reporters had a very hard time understanding what the decision actually meant. This decision involves infinitely more complex issues and an almost endless array of options for the Court.