How To Survive A Plague, Ctd

A reader writes:

My friend died of AIDS on April 25 this year. Unlike 2008-taking-medsthemselves were attacking his organs over time. He was only nine. He is survived by his older sister and many friends who are also living with HIV.

The long term survival of all my young friends living with HIV is very much in question today, because they are poor. A decade ago life saving ARV’s were finally produced for the poor, and today they are still taking the same drugs. There are only two levels of treatment available for them. I hate to think what will happen when the kids on second level treatment start failing, and the time will come. They are dying because their medications are toxic and time limited. A new ARV option would be a major gift for them.

Now that people in the developed world have Complera, will there be another great campaign to provide similar treatment in generic form for the poor?

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(Photo by Andy Gray)