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Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 27 2012 @ 11:03pm

Reality check
Today on the Dish, Andrew wrote in praise of Dishhead exceptionalism, he defended a German court's ban on infant male genital mutilation, and Fortune complicated the conservative movement's account of Operation Fast and Furious. We geared up for tomorrow's decision on Obamacare (predictions here), imagined the ACA without the mandate, and wondered about the implications for November (reality check here and above). Regardless of what happens, the Supreme Court is not the legal equivalent of Hannity and the GOP won't "own" the health care system. Meanwhile, the president does not have a built-in electoral college lead though the Obama campaign's attacks on Bain appear to be succeeding

Scott Horton compared Obama's record on civil liberties to Bush's, prisons abused solitary confinement, and a documentary illuminated gay rights activism in Uganda. A reparative therapist acknowledged that there is no "cure" for homosexuality, gay bars inevitably declined, and a reader reflected on her decision to have an abortion. Amazon ate away self-publishing royalties, Republicans seem to enjoy being "uncool," and nuclear power is not cost-effective. We explored super-human vision, baldness may carry some evolutionary advantages (or not), telecommuting is more productive, and the old and uneducated are glued to their TVs. Age itself doesn't necessarily cause hormone decline, male cancer patients lack support, and the US leads in cannabis consumption. A reader was bothered by Mormonism's "claim to empirical truths which are self-evidently not truths," and we winced at the moral righteousness of dogs. 

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