Why You’re Different

We've long known that the core of this blog is its readers. That was clear to me back during the six years I did this on my own for nothing but a tip jar. The depth and breadth of opinion and Eddytideknowledge and experience in the Dish readership is staggering. But I just got a little mathematical summary of our readers' relationship with each other and this blog from the Beast stats department that puts some of this into numbers.

Two things leap out. First off, more than 70 percent of you have bookmarked the Dish as a regular destination. This is simply off the charts for most websites. It's why we see such stability in our traffic numbers; and why our million or so monthly unique readers stick around. A third of them, in our Urtak survey, were under 35. If you're a regular reader and haven't bookmarked us, it's one simple, cost-free way to help us thrive in today's economy.

But the next gob-smacking number is the amount of time the average Dish reader spends on the site every day. It's 16.2 minutes per visit. On the Internet, that's a lifetime. Yes, these stats are gold for advertisers and I hope airing them helps the enterprise. But more important, these stats are just a sign of how this blog is much bigger than one person now, a collective brain and heart figuring out its own way ahead. I'm just happy to be along for the ride.