The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 28 2012 @ 11:00pm


Today on the Dish, we live-blogged the SCOTUS ruling and weighed the electoral impact of the decision. Blogger reax here and reader reax here (meep meep watch here). Romney promised a full repeal (whether or not that is likely or possible here and here), a reader speculated that Scalia's overreaching did him in, and cable news officially jumped the shark. Some claimed they would "flee" to Canada, the House voted to hold Holder in contempt, anti-mandate conservatives renounced a settled body of law, and national security became divorced from democracy. JP Morgan actually lost $9 billion, and the uninsured continued to suffer

We wondered if Facebook has reached saturation, studied the Buzzfeed model, and examined the dental care crisis. Readers elaborated on home birth, a new film reinvented Hollywood aging, and pharmaceutical reps preyed on the cognitive dissonance of doctors. Slugs chewed penises after sex, our local police departments became pointlessly militarized, and connectivity immunized.  

Chart of the day here, Malkin award nominee here, quote for the day here, FOTD here, VFYW here, and MHB here. Ad war update here