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Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 2 2012 @ 3:09pm

Last week, we said a sad farewell to our interns for the previous year: Zack Beauchamp and Maisie Allison. Zack is at ThinkProgress now and Maisie is at The American Conservative. Which makes me as proud of their diversity as their work. They are irreplaceable but we have replaced them: after a grueling competition of nearly 200 applicants, we'd like to welcome Chas Danner and Gwynn Guilford, here till January through the election.

Then there's our new Literary Editor, Matthew Sitman, a PhD candidate in political theory at Georgetown University. Matt has already been contributing to our weekend section and to the week's Darwin-1-smblog-posts as well. He's as erudite as he is whip-smart and will be primarily responsible for finding the best online content in religion, philosophy, the arts and sciences.

We’re also adding a Poetry Editor, and are really proud to have Alice Quinn to select short verse – new, old, and classic – to enrich the Dish and bring poetry to more eyeballs than most poetry sites on the web. Alice is the Executive Director of the Poetry Society of America, the organization that co-sponsors Poetry in Motion with MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design, bringing poems into the subways of New York (and to MetroCards and taxi screens, too). Our shared hope is to give new prominence and readership to short verse – the longest we’ll publish will be sonnet-length (or just a line or two more).

As you can see, thanks to the Beast's generosity and belief in us, we're expanding a little. Keep telling us when we're wrong, and when we're right, and enjoy the new content. I've never been more bullish on the evolution of the Dish. Think of these small incremental shifts as very gradual change you can believe in.

Which is the kind of change every Tory lives for.