Would Google Glasses Drive You Insane?

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 6 2012 @ 7:40pm

Christopher Mims winces at the prospect:

Google Glass is a camera, headphones and a display all in one. Do you find it unnerving when the person standing next to you at the grocery store is having a conversation with him or herself, and at first you don't realize it's because they're speaking into a phone headset? Now imagine they're also having full-blown visual hallucinations.

Sam Biddle is on a similar page:

For many of us, a computer that's literally sitting on our face for every waking moment sounds really socially alienating. Say what you want about the punctures smartphones have delivered to everyday interaction, but at least those things go back to our purses and pockets when they're not being used. But Glass is there to stay, becoming a part of your face, and turning you into a baby-scaring cyborg. Unless everyone in the world gets a pair and simultaneously agrees this is no longer weird, what functionality is worth being the guy with the robo-face?  … Google's making plenty of impressive things—but are they impressive things that anyone actually wants?