The Daily Heckler, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 9 2012 @ 2:32pm

Jonathan Krohn, a former "right-wing child star" who became more moderate, responds to his critics:

Politico released an interview in which I announced I wasn’t a conservative anymore — and the proverbial crap hit the fan. Since then, I have been treated by the political right with all the maturity of schoolyard bullies. The Daily Caller, for instance, wrote three articles about my shift, topping it off with an opinion piece in which they stated that I deserved criticism because I wear "thick-rimmed glasses" and I like Ludwig Wittgenstein. Why don’t they just call me "four-eyes"? These are not adults leveling serious criticism; these are scorned right-wingers showing all the maturity of a little boy. No wonder I fit in so well when I was 13.

The above tweet was in the response to the story of a 70-year-old woman who died of an apparent heart attack shortly after meeting Obama. One Daily Caller reader, Robert Howard, said of the tweet, "Poor taste. I thought we were supposed to be classier than the Progs." Earlier commentary on the Daily Heckler here.