Six Degrees Of Economic Separation

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 9 2012 @ 7:34am

Jon Ronson finds them "between a guy making ten bucks an hour and a Forbes billionaire, if you multiply each person's income by five." He decided to travel across the US to meet "one representative of each multiple":

There's a dishwasher in Miami with an unbelievably stressful life, some nice middle-class Iowans with quite difflcult lives, me with a perfectly fine if frequently anxiety-inducing life, a millionaire with an annoyingly happy life, a multimillionaire with a stunningly amazing life, and then, finally, at the summit, this great American eagle, Wayne, who tells me he's "pissed off" right now. "I live my life paying my taxes and taking care of my responsibilities, and I'm a little surprised to find out that I'm an enemy of the state at this time in my life," he says.